Advantages and disadvantages of bolts


Comparing rivets and welding, the degree of control of […]

Comparing rivets and welding, the degree of control of the bolts in the field construction environment is much higher, there is no heating process, and there is no problem of uncontrolled heat treatment. The components and bolts are produced in the factory environment, and the products have the same commonality.


Pressure-type joints and rivets are similar in that bolt strength and quality are better than rivets. Conflict-type convergence is not the same, there is a bit of a tough problem in the field construction - conflict force control. The conflicting forces are affected by contact surface pressure and surface roughness, but now the shear bolts, torque wrenches and exterior treatment processes are now able to handle this problem.


One end of the torsion bolt is a round head similar to the rivet. There is no corner. The bolt is passed through the spline (or plum head) at the other end. There is a shortened neck between the spline and the bolt. When the member and the bolt conflict. The moment of force reaches the torsion limit of the neck and the spline is twisted off. The torque wrench is able to adjust the maximum output torque and slips when it arrives. It is used to tighten the hexagon bolt to achieve the same effect as the shear bolt.


It won't be screwed up because of the old man's cold today, and it won't be too excited because the pharaoh is going to go next door tonight (the bolts are too tight and will be bad). The surface treatment can be carried out in the factory. After sand blasting, it can be sanded on the spot or coated with anti-rust paint after sandblasting. After this treatment, the conflict coefficient is still properly stabilized.


Using conflict-type convergence, the force transfer between components is a conflicting force, so the function of convergence is basically equivalent to the component itself. This is the most suitable planning concept, and the strength stiffness and fatigue function are guaranteed.