Global fastener industry review and outlook for the future and challenges


Recently, Ian Clarke, Chief Executive of Optimas, inter […]

Recently, Ian Clarke, Chief Executive of Optimas, interviewed reviewed the global fastener industry in 2015 and looked forward to the prospects and challenges for 2016. The economic and financial issues were considered, at the same time, the fastener industry technology-driven discussions, and confirm the focus of next year's work

   "2015 is an extraordinary year through reflection and observation, and most of our customers have seen rapid growth over the past year. We expected the shipments to increase just as we entered this year, as of 2007 According to the report, but on the contrary, shipments this year have remained stable, we did not see the surge in shipments in the North American Class 8 truck market, power generation and off-highway / construction markets as expected. Abnormalities occurred in both agricultural and non-residential construction, and these markets experienced a shift from flat to declining, however, we still maintained a high level of service before we faced many manufacturers with manufacturing capabilities. In the trend, in order to meet the needs of customers, we extend the delivery time.
Some careful reviews of industry supply chains show some internal weaknesses and some manufacturers eventually close. These weaknesses also present opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who think they have advantages and risks in their current supply chain.
In our case, we look at risk weaknesses in the supply chain, analyze and provide solutions and growth opportunities that ultimately give our customers more focus on their core products, and at the same time, these new opportunities help create a Larger and more comprehensive organizational structure.
Given the expectations of our clients and the high standards we have established, we will continue to focus on the small details we can add to the value of our customers and suppliers.
Few predict that we can successfully switch this year and ultimately run our own business under the independent legal entity Optimas OE Solutions and we are pleased to have acquired Barton Cold Form in the UK in 2015 to allow us to become independent Soon after the entity's operations expanded and greatly increased our production capacity.
Strong dollar and interest rate increase seen recently, we hope to see more Asian and European company's products keep a continuous interest to enter North America. This is an opportunity as well as a risk. High quality, engineering as well as project implementation and on-time delivery are always the top customer requirements and Optimas will continue to work closely with its partners to provide exceptional service.
Financial liquidity and loan pressure from financial institutions pose a higher risk of losing the right to buy. The failure of the company has seriously affected the supply chain. The commodity market broke through the continuous fluctuation of historical record data, which is especially evident in the scrap metal prices.
Scrap metal prices will rebound, the question is when and how much rebound. Commodity prices have a great impact on supply and demand and are relevant to the interests of everyone and will be restored and normalized in the near future. Based on the projections of recent years, the expectation of a sharp increase in Latin America, which will make a great contribution to global demand, has not yet been achieved. Here, Optimas will continue to support and support our key customers to meet their needs in emerging markets around the world .
Our customers and markets have unsustainable demands for new technologies and innovations, and we believe that Optimas' unique market positioning and our more than 180 specialist engineers worldwide deliver the engineering and quality needs of our customers. These resources are usually configured in our customer operations, and we are prepared for further investment in our technology center, which is well supported by the specific needs of our customers.Optimas 2016 will continue to focus on our leadership in market speed and flexibility to enable us to adapt and meet our customers' changing needs and requirements, protect the supply chain and provide our customers with quality solutions. In addition, we continue to invest in technology, manufacturing, and operations, giving our customers the confidence and trust that Optimas is the partner of their choice.
Manufacturing will continue to be our key point-of-addition, and this is one of our key strategies where we can better serve our customers and convince our customers that manufacturing is returning to North America as competition in the global market becomes more equal We are also excited about the prospect of this trend.