Hex head bolts are divided into several types


Hex head bolts are divided into hex bolts and hexagon s […]

Hex head bolts are divided into hex bolts and hexagon socket screws, which are usually used for fastening mechanical equipment.

Hex cap screw and Hex bolt Hex bolt As the name implies, the head is a hexagonal external thread fastener designed to be rotated with a wrench. According to the ASME B18.2.1 standard, the Hex cap screw has a smaller head height and rod length tolerance than the conventional Hex bolt. Therefore, the ASME B18.2.1 hex screw is suitable for mounting on all hex bolts. The place also contains large hex bolts that are too large to be used.

The screw head of the hexagon socket screw is rounded, and the hexagon is recessed in the middle, and the hexagonal screw is the hexagonal one of the more common screw heads. The hexagonal screwdriver looks like a '7'. It is cut into 90 degrees with a hexagonal steel strip and is turned into a hexagonal screw wrench. It is sold in hardware tools stores.

The hex driver is not a so-called "handset-specific screwdriver". A special screwdriver for mobile phones can be bought at a booth selling repair tools in the electronic market.

Hexagon socket screws are often used on machinery. They are mainly used for easy fastening, disassembly, and easy slipping. The Allen key is usually a 90° turn. The bent end is long and short. When using a short side to screw, Holding the long side can save a lot of force and can better tighten the screw. The long end has a round head (hexagonal cylinder like a sphere) and a flat head. The round head can be easily removed and removed. Some installation is inconvenient. The part of the lower wrench. The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagon is much lower than that of the inner hexagon. Its advantage is that the screw head (the position of the wrench is thinner than the inner hexagon), and some places are not replaced by the inner hexagon. In addition, the cost is low, and the power is low. Machines with low strength and low precision require less hexagon socket screws than external hexagons.

Socket cap screw, also known as a socket head screw or Allen bolt, is a screw with a hexagonal inner hole in the head. It is inserted into the inner hole with a hex key (Allen wrench or Allen key). Can only be tightened or loosened. Hexagon socket head screws are most commonly used with cylindrical head screws. The head diameter is about 1.5 times the main diameter of the thread (1960 series). Other head types include a Bottom head cap screw and a tapered screw hole. Countersunk head cap screw. The counterbore design allows the screw head to be rotated without the need to be exposed on the surface of the object being fixed, so it is often used where the surface is small and the conventional wrench is inconvenient to use.