How is the hex bolts made?


The manufacture of hexagon socket screws, most of whom […]

The manufacture of hexagon socket screws, most of whom are not specialized in the production of hexagon socket screws, such as procurement personnel, sales personnel, are not very clear. More clearly, there are several heads and fangs who operate on the production line. The manufacture of hexagon socket screws is clear. However, the sales staff, some experienced, engaged in the sale of most of the hexagonal bolts, will be more clear. Because some sales people in the screw industry are more serious about sales, they start from the grassroots level. When they are engaged in sales, they begin to learn from the masters and masters, and go deep into production to understand production. If you do business in this way, you will be more professional.

The production of hexagon socket screws is generally started from the purchase of screw wire. What kind of hexagon socket bolts are required to purchase the same type of screw wire. Also determine the hexagon socket screws for the material. For example, some are stainless steel hexagon socket screws, some are 4.8 hexagon socket head cap screws, some are 8.8 grade hexagon socket bolts, and some are 12.9 grade hexagon socket screws. These determine the material of the screw wire material, whether it is iron or stainless steel, and what grade of carbon steel is used.

Then, the mold is ordered according to the hexagon socket screw, and then the head is turned on, and then the tooth is smashed, and the hexagonal bolt thread is smashed to make it pass the stop gauge. Finally, if it is a stainless steel hexagon socket screw, it needs to be cleaned and dried. Some require high levels of passivation to make the salt spray longer. Some iron hexagonal screws need to be electroplated to take the plating, summarizing the customer's requirements, plating different colors.
Some Hexagon socket screws are national standard, that is, the national standard. They are generally made according to the national standard specifications of hexagon socket head cap screws, which is also made by the national standard GB. The size specifications are in accordance with national standards. However, some are non-standard, and are produced according to customer samples or drawings.