How to choose rustproof hexagon socket screws


For some screw fasteners used in some products, the per […]

For some screw fasteners used in some products, the performance required is different. Some require hexagonal screws to have anti-rust ability, and some hexagon socket screws need anti-theft performance, corrosion resistance and so on. If we need hex screws with anti-rust properties, how should we choose?

The anti-rust ability of the hexagon socket screw mainly comes from the material characteristics of the screw itself and the surface treatment of the screw. Generally, the screw material with anti-rust ability is generally made of stainless steel, and the 304, 316 stainless steel grade screw fastener is used more, secondly, titanium material. The screw fasteners also have high rust and corrosion resistance, but the price is high.
In addition to the material of the screw, the screw has the ability to prevent rust, and the surface treatment is also very important. The stainless steel screw can be passivated for thousands of hours, but the passivation treatment is also divided into several types. In the same way, it is mainly necessary to see what kind of anti-rust effect to achieve, and it is possible to make a different process for the result at the time of production.