Six Ways to Prevent Loose Screw Bolts


1.Double nut - It is fixed with two nuts. The two nuts […]

1.Double nut - It is fixed with two nuts. The two nuts will act as a mutual force to prevent loosening. However, this is only limited to prevent loosening and does not play a strong role. Prevent loosening effect.
2. Cotter pin - is a kind of flat cable rods bent together and parts made of the ring at the bending point made into the hole in the nut slot or bolt tail, and then the tail The split bifurcation opens the way to prevent the relative rotation of the nut and the bolt to prevent loosening.

3. Scrimmage - The method of thread-wound with a steel wire is also one of the most primitive methods of preventing loosening. It is widely used in aircraft related fields, but because the pin may be damaged in this method.

4. U-type nut - U-type nut is composed of two parts: nut and friction ring (a kind of special spring). When this type of nut is fixed, the friction ring will be grounded with the thread of the bolt. The thread friction ring begins to bend and presses against the threaded surface of the bolt, the force of the spring trying to restore it, and the interaction of the bolt and nut threads with each other. As a result, an effect of preventing loosening.Self-tapping screws

5. Adhesives - It is also known as anti-sliding glue, which is a colloid that prevents loosening of screw bolts. When using screw bolts, apply a layer of adhesive to the surface of the thread. If you screw in the nut or work piece to isolate the air, a hardened anaerobic adhesive will be formed to prevent the screw bolt from falling off.

6. Sealing tape - The application of sealing tape is also very extensive. It has a good function of preventing screws and loosening bolts. When the screw bolt is used, a layer of sealing tape is wrapped around the threaded portion to prevent loosening of the screw bolt.