The difference between full threaded bolts and hex bolts


Thread: A thread is a pattern consisting of a line type […]

Thread: A thread is a pattern consisting of a line type, and it has many types. The most intuitive is the spiral-shaped projection with a specific cross section made on the surface of the cylinder or the conical parent. The thread is divided into a cylindrical thread and a conical thread according to the shape of the parent body; according to the position of the parent body, it is divided into an external thread and an internal thread, and is divided into a triangular thread, a rectangular thread, a trapezoidal thread, a zigzag thread according to the sectional shape (tooth shape). And other special shape threads, triangular threads are mainly used for coupling, rectangular, trapezoidal and zigzag threads are mainly used for transmission; according to the direction of the spiral, they are divided into left-handed and right-handed threads, generally with right-handed threads; It is single-thread thread, double-thread thread and multi-thread thread; the connection is mostly single wire, the transmission uses double wire or multi wire; according to the size of the tooth, it is divided into coarse thread and fine thread, etc., depending on the occasion and function. Can be divided into fastening threads, pipe threads, drive threads, special threads, etc.