Together with the advantages of technology brands


In terms of products, high-end products will accelerate […]

In terms of products, high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality R&D. From the entire process of design, manufacture, packaging, transportation, use, and disposal, we must consider the least waste, the lowest emissions, high resource utilization, and environmental impact. The minimum, so that corporate efficiency and social benefits coordinated optimization.
In terms of circulation, it explores various value-added service models to bring value and benefits to customers. From the provision of a single set of bolts to the provision of mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, etc., the proportion of services in the sales revenue of bolt manufacturers will gradually increase.

Corporate restructuring is a trend, and strategic alliances seek development. The current low level of industrial concentration of China's bolt companies seriously restricts the improvement of China's bolt competitiveness. The market opening over the years did not bring core technology. In view of the above situation, restructuring and strategic alliance among enterprises are the major trends. China's bolt industry must conform to this trend and trend, strengthen strategic cooperation among enterprises, and increase the overall competitiveness of China's bolts. China's growth in the field of bolt core technology lacks a breakthrough. At the same time, the survival space of low-grade products has been getting smaller and smaller. Foreign-funded companies with localization also have considerable cost advantages. Together with the advantages of technology brands, they have begun to move into the market space of the original independent brands.