What caused the breakage of the screw


The rechargeable automatic clip-on screwdriver uses a r […]

The rechargeable automatic clip-on screwdriver uses a rechargeable battery as a power source to enable workers to work anywhere and improve efficiency. The whole is controlled by the motor turntable screw, and the screws are distributed on a turntable similar to a clip.

    The rotation of the turntable is realized by the feeding of the screw, thereby realizing the automatic supply of the screw. The realization of the screwdriver function is completed by two motors, and the motor respectively controls its corresponding working area and reciprocates. Through continuous improvement of the screwdriver, it greatly saves working time, improves work efficiency, and achieves the goal of "win-win". The screws that hold the speaker horn break during transport. Suitable tools for failing screw stainless steel screws, stainless steel chemical anchors and maintenance workers using scanning electron microscopy, metallographic microscope, ICP and hardness tester. First, the structure (see picture): This screwdriver is a two-part set of the screw clamping part and the ordinary screwdriver. The chemical composition and comprehensive performance of the raw material SWRCH22A steel for the production of hexagonal flanged self-tapping screws were tested. The microstructure of the fractured screws was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy.

   The results show that the fracture of the screw is caused by the expansion of the quenching crack caused by improper heat treatment, and provides effective improvement measures to solve the problem of screw fracture. The finite element numerical simulation technology is used to optimize the mold design and forming process of precision micro-screws.