What is the characteristic of a hexagon bolt


In many cases, hexagon bolts are often used with nuts. […]

In many cases, hexagon bolts are often used with nuts. As the name suggests, the head is a hexagonal screw, which is often referred to as a "bolt."

Unlike hexagon socket head cap bolts, there is no hexagon socket, so use a wrench or wrench and a hex nut to tighten. (See the hex nut for instructions on tools and fastening methods.)

Although not limited to hex bolts, externally threaded screws and bolts have "full screw" and "half screw".

"All screws" are threads under the head, and "half screws" refer to the fact that some are not screws. The shorter total length of threads and bolts is only "all screws", but if the total length is longer, half screws and all screws will appear.

In particular, hex head bolts typically use a longer total length, and order errors are most easily ordered with hex bolts, but this half and all screws are incorrect. They are all standard items, so we don't want to be limited to hex bolts, but be careful when buying, rather than actually looking at the screws (sometimes we call the scissors bolts "full thread").