What is the wall penetration performance of the screw


The arrangement of the through-wall screws has a great […]

The arrangement of the through-wall screws has a great influence on the integrity, rigidity and strength of the formwork structure. Wall-mounted screws generally use round steel screws with ferrules at both ends, also known as pull-on bolts. It is also useful to use long-holes at both ends of flat steel to insert wedges with wedge-shaped iron. The utility model relates to a movable wall bolt device, which comprises a threaded wall bolt rod at both ends, two conical sleeves arranged at two ends of the wall bolt rod, and two outer sleeves respectively provided with two tight sleeves Solid bolt rod, conical tube sleeve with iron core, iron core with internal threaded through hole, iron core peripheral table tapered nylon contact layer, nylon contact layer and iron core integrated structure, iron core close to conical tube The bottom end of the sleeve is provided with a hex nut.
Due to the double waterproofing of the threaded surface of the inner bolt and the water stop plate, the waterproof performance of the wall is improved. High dimensional accuracy ensures uniform wall thickness. Since the processing precision of each component of the detachable waterproof type wall bolt assembly is high, the positioning error of the template can be within 2 mm, so that the thickness of the cast wall is uniform.